There are many branches such as e.g. the machine and steel construction sectors where project teams work together on large projects with team members coming from different companies or design offices. This can mean that different vector-based CAD software solutions are used. They function quite well when considered by themselves. But they aren’t compatible to each other. The combination of the greatly different CAD programmes would, however, be advantageous to improving design processes and workflows. This is where our special service offer begins:

We convert your data from one CAD environment into another. Quick and with virtually no data loss. Our current offer includes the conversion of bocad 3D-based data to TEKLA-based data. and vice versa. Other software solutions for other CAD environments are coming soon. If you are interested in this service, contact us.

Our data tranformation offers the following features:

1.Transfer of all customary elements, e.g. straight and bent parts, profile plates, counter plates, polybeams, screws, bolts, welding seams
2.Transfer of the substructure (main item, add-on parts) and the subsystems
3.Transfer of the raster data (axes, rows, levels)
4.Transfer of the position numbers and other production-relevant data
5. Transfer of any part data (user-defined attributes, comments)
6.Comfortable mapping tables for profiles, bolts, welds, material and phases
7.Generation of the intersections, cuts and adjustments

Our Service actually includes the data transfer between this programs:


Mögliche Dateiformate:

Zusätzlich können wir CAD-Daten für folgenden Dateiformate lesen, wandeln oder ausgeben: .dgn, .dwg, .step, 3D PDF, CimSteel

Schnittstellen zu ERP-Systemen

Ebenso können wir Ihnen die Daten aus den diversen Konstruktionsprogrammen für Ihr ERP aufbereiten oder entsprechende Schnittstellen schaffen. Bitte fragen Sie hierzu gezielt für Ihr vorhandenes ERP-System an.


Falls Sie dieser Service interessiert, nehmen Sie einfach Kontakt zu uns auf oder schicken Sie uns Ihre Testdaten für ein unverbindliches Angebot:

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