In addition to our service of data transfer we offer individual interfaces based on our software solutions to customers, who need regulary data exchange

Our Service covers:

  1. Analysis of actual processes and workflow
  2. Consulting and planning of individual solutions
  3. Implementation of Interface in your workflow
  4. Testing and staff training
  5. Technical support
  6. Updates in the event of new program versions (e.g. new Tekla version)

TEKBO offers the following features:

1.Transfer of all customary elements, e.g. straight and bent parts, profile plates, counter plates, polybeams, screws, bolts, welding seams
2.Transfer of the substructure (main item, add-on parts) and the subsystems
3.Transfer of the raster data (axes, rows, levels)
4.Transfer of the position numbers and other production-relevant data
5.Comfortable conversion tables for profiles and screws
6.Generation of the intersections, cuts and adjustments

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