We are a young company with headquarters in the Technologiezentrum in Wuppertal. It’s the ideal environment for us to realise our vision: to inspire the CAD professional circle und users with innovative ideas. As specialists, we know the situation in which designers find themselves: Different vector-based software programmes function quite well when considered by themselves. But they aren’t compatible to each other. The results: Data can only be transferred with a high rate of errors. This means that it either has to be revised or may even be lost altogether. The combination of the greatly different CAD programmes would, in many cases, be advantageous to improving design processes. This is exactly where 3icad begins. We offer:

  • Quick data transfer with virtually no loss of data as a service
  • Individual interface programming according to customer preference

Like to know more? Gladly: Get in touch with us. Our innovative team is looking forward to meeting you.